Lake Nakuru

Dubbed ‘the greatest bird spectacle on earth due to the millions of…

The flamingo flock to feed on the teeming algae of the alkaline waters of lake Nakuru.

Lake Nakuru is also an ornithologist’s paradise and also a sanctuary for both black and white rhino. Its pink-frosted shores and sky-mirrored waters also yield some of the most evocatively beautiful photo images in Africa. The park offers an incredible 450 different species of water, fish-eating, terrestrial and migratory birds including the pelican, fish eagle, secretary bird, heron, egret, hammerkop and grebe. Established as Kenya’s first rhino sanctuary, the park now hosts one of the largest black rhino concentrations in the country while substantial numbers of white rhino have also been introduced. You will have a fantastic view of the Lake while at the Baboon cliff, lion Hill and out of Africa Hill. Other animals that may interest you include the buffaloes, Thompson’s and Grant’s Gazelles, the rare long-eared leaf-nosed bats, Colubus monkeys, rock hyraxes, hippos, leopards, lions, rhino, waterbuck, impala, striped hyena, wild cat and the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe. Lake Nakuru has a large population of lion, buffalo, and hundreds of plains game which graze the shoreline throughout the year. Lake Nakuru National Park is a sea of flaming pink as far as the eye can see. These millions of flamingoes are always seeking for their food in the salty deep green waters of Lake Nakuru. The protected area is primarily for birds of which 400 to 500 species can be found here including cormorants and pelicans. Visitors to Lake Nakuru National Park are also sure to catch a glimpse of Thomson gazelles, impala, waterbucks, giraffes, buffalos, white and black rhino as well as baboons.