The Maasai Mara is the new 7th wonder of the world and the 4th most preferred tourist visit destination.

Everything about this reserve is outstanding. Maasai Mara is one of the best plains’ game reserve where there is a congregation of all sorts of animals in a five-mile radius: A pride of lions can be spotted ready to make a run for a gazelle, a cheetah and its cub taking a nap on a rock, a pair of ostriches walking the open stretches of the Savannah or a gazelle giving birth. Herds of elephants wallowing at a water pool or a herd of buffaloes feeding, crocodiles down hunting the migrating wildebeest or the migrating gazelles. Other live feeding expeditions may include a herd of hyenas fighting for a hunted meal, the vulture tearing the carcasses and the giraffes galloping as they feed on top leaves of acacia trees. It may be impossible to prepare the first time visitor for the great number of animals they may see. During the migration the whole reserve is dotted with herds of visiting wildebeest mingling among smaller game such as warthog, jackal, hyena, mongoose and bat-eared fox. In recent years, the Maasai Mara has been host to the “Big Cat Diary” which features the life of prides of lion, families of cheetah and leopard. The Maasai Mara is a game reserve and not a national park. As a game reserve, the local people are permitted to co-exist alongside animals. It is the Maasai who live amongst these wild animals and who have lived peacefully and in companionship with the game for centuries. Both people and animals are wary about crossing each other’s paths. In the Maasai Mara it is possible to enjoy a hot air balloon ride. These balloons take off at dawn to avoid the heat which develops as the day progresses. They drift high over grazing herds which cannot be accessed by vehicles. After approximately an hour’s flight, a gentle landing is followed by a champagne-style bush breakfast on the landing site, where pilots and passengers toast yet another memorable experience.