Eastern Kenya Attractions

Eastern Kenya attractions, Meru and Kora National Parks offer wild and remote ambiance for a luxuriant utterly unspoiled jungle paradise for lovers of solitude and silence. 

Meru and Kora National Parks offer a wild and remote ambience for a luxuriant jungle dotted with coursing rivers, khaki grasslands and rugged parks which are the favorites for safari professionals and wildlife experts. It is little visited and utterly unspoilt and this makes it a paradise for lovers of solitude and silence.

The mighty Tana River, home to the hippo and the dangerous Nile crocodile, dominates this park, as well as 14 permanent streams, which drain off into the nearby Nyambene Hills. It is one of the most rewarding areas for wildlife viewing, boasting of elephants, lions, cheetahs and both species of zebra, Grant’s and Thompson’s gazelle, as well as the impala, Beisa Oryx and the reticulated giraffe.

The park is also known for its rock outcrops known as kopjes, where baboons cavort and leopards lurk among the boulders. Meru’s birds are abundant in number and very colorful. Common river birds include the ibis, black bellied sunbirds, starlings, hornbills as well as the herons.

Kora National Park is where the naturalist George and Joy Adamson lived. This is where they released their famous lioness, Elsa, back to the wild. The story is told in their film ‘Born Free’. In this park, they also experimented with orphaned cheetahs.