Kenya Travel Homestays

We make personalized arrangements for travelers who prefer to have a deeper appreciation of the Kenya local and rural lifestyles to stay in furnished and affordable homes in 2 major categories:

Urban Home Stays

This is a modern home located in the lush suburbs of Nairobi. These homes provide you with a memorable vacation, home away from home. Meals may be provided on special request, but mostly we encourage our clients to prepare their own meals according to their preferences.

Rural home stays

Most visitors prefer to have a raw feel of the local and rural life, hence prefer to stay in remote villages away from the hustle and bustle of the town and city. This is also a major boost in Kenya’s community and cultural tourism. Some of these homes are fully furnished and are left under the care of home attendants. Rural home stays greatly satisfy the clients desire to live among the community they visit for a more personalized and up close relationship with the locals.