Registration, Location and Membership:

Jungle Beach Safaris Ltd is registered in Nairobi, Kenya and we are members of the Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) and ECO Tourism Kenya. Kenya is in East Africa and has a magnificent and outstanding landscape, people and wildlife. Our offices are in Karen, Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. We are easily accessible from the city centre, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airport.

Kenya Safari and Tours Activities:

We specialize in Africa Kenya Tours and Adventures to help you discover the hidden beauty of Kenyan people, the spectacular landscapes, and amazing wildlife. However, we have close working partners in the neighbouring countries and we facilitate cross border travel where necessary. All vehicles managed by the company have high frequency (HF) radios and special roof hatches that ensure excellent viewing and photography activities. Our experienced driver guides support you to uncover beautiful and memorable experiences in the jungle and white sandy beaches.

Kenya Safari Great Value Packages:

Travel costs can be an impediment in realizing dream vacations. At Jungle Beach Safaris, we constantly look out and negotiate great value contracts, with reputable properties that guarantee accommodation in exclusive hotels, lodges and tented camps. Our tour packages are designed to suit the luxury, medium and low travel budgets but we also tailor make packages within stated budgets. We have compiled some detailed tours, suggested itineraries, recommended activities and types of accommodation across the landscape to guide your travel. Through operational efficiency and reliability, we endeavour to inspire travellers to uncover Kenya’s beautiful landscape, wildlife and sandy beaches at affordable costs.

Environmental and Social Responsibility:

Embedded in our operations is the principles of environmental conservation and benefits to the welfare of the local communities. We target the promotion of our culture and heritage with a residual economic benefit to the communities concerned. As a member of Eco-tourism Kenya, we participate in programs aimed at environmental conservation and uplifting the lives of the less fortunate and vulnerable groups in our society. In this regard, for every tour purchased, we set aside 10% of our gross margin for this activities.

We offer training opportunities to students on attachment programs. We are continuously seeking partnerships with foreign travel agents with the goal of creating more decent employment for our citizens as the business expands.


We are committed to providing expert recommendations and help reseller partners grow their business. Talk to us today to share our expertise and answer any questions and concerns you may have before you make that vital decision about travelling to Kenya.